Arkansas Lost & Found Pet Network

about this project

The Arkansas Lost and Found Pet Network, a statewide organization, was founded with a singular and noble mission: harnessing the potency of technology and social media networks to facilitate the reunification of lost pets with their loving families. Over the years, this organization has blossomed into an assembly of nearly 30 dedicated volunteers who diligently process a multitude of submissions each month from individuals grappling with the harrowing experience of losing or discovering a misplaced pet.


My personal encounter with this organization dates back to several years ago when my adorable Yorkshire Terrier, Lewis, mysteriously vanished during the Thanksgiving holiday while under the care of a cherished friend. Lewis wandered aimlessly throughout West Little Rock for a four-day period. Miraculously, a compassionate soul encountered Lewis and promptly reached out to me via the network. It was at this juncture that I resolved to contribute my efforts as a volunteer, driven by a desire to play a role in the heartwarming process of reuniting these treasured animals with their distraught owners.


I spearheaded the development of alfpetnetwork.com, which is interconnected with the influence of Facebook, which serves as the primary conduit for the majority of our submissions. Behind the scenes, a dedicated cadre of volunteers diligently undertakes the tasks of responding to submissions as they come in. This concerted effort epitomizes our unwavering commitment to ensuring that the bonds between pets and their loving humans are never severed for long, embodying the core ethos of the Arkansas Lost and Found Pet Network.